Client Background

CRF Solutions is a leading provider of A/R management services for the Commercial Credit Industry. Their products - mainly the Collect View helps their clients to manage their A/R claims and the Lien View helps to track their construction notice transactions.


Their existing web application although robust in functionality lacked the flair of a modern responsive user interface. The design was pretty old, cumbersome and not very intuitive thus not making for a very good user experience when working in the web application. The client was seeking a solution to reskin their web application without having to redesign and disrupt their existing architecture due to the size and complex nature of the application.


Rheal studied and analyzed the existing design and architecture and then proposed to make some smart adjustments to the application and reskin the user interface with a modern and responsive design using the client side bootstrap framework. We developed and implemented a new CSS and replaced the existing controls with HTML5 controls to enhance the look and feel, giving it a more appealing and fresh user experience. We also improved the navigation from one screen to another making it more intuitive to the end user.

  The Result

The revamped user interface design and the added responsive behavior enhanced the Client?s product attracting more clients and improving their market share.